• When should you get a stairlift?

    When should you buy a stairlift?

    A decision to get a stairlift – whether you buy it yourself or through other means – can often be forced by situations out of your control, regardless of age or physical ability.

    Possibly the most common trigger for considering a stairlift is an accident which results in reduced mobility. A stay in hospital may necessitate the need for a stairlift on the patient’s return home. Even in cases where an individual has not been to hospital, a trip or fall at home can lead to medical professionals or occupational therapists recommending, or insisting, on the installation of a stairlift.

    Similarly, a disability, whether physical or mental, can inhibit movement around the house and a stairlift can help those affected to remain independent in their own homes.

    In the above examples, the installation of a stairlift has been a reaction to either an accident or a disability, with the aim to restore mobility within the home.

    What many people do not consider is that a stairlift can be used as a preventative measure, proactively safeguarding our independence against future accidents.

    On average, people are living longer than at any time in the past. As we age, we often find it more difficult to negotiate stairs and a mis-step can result in serious injury.
    A trip or fall on the stairs at any age can result in serious injury and in extreme cases could mean the individual needing to move house to a bungalow or a care home. The risk of a fall can be greatly reduced by installing a stair lift and can prevent life-changing injuries.

    However, a serious injury on the stairs is not the only consideration. The onset of diseases such as arthritis can mean that walking up the stairs is a painful and lengthy process, particularly at the end of the day, on the way up to bed.

    At its core, a stair lift is an aid to independent living. If you find it difficult to access all floors of your home, then a stairlift could be the answer.

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