• Top 6 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Stairlift Users

    top 6 romantic ideas for stairlift users

    Everyone at Platinum Stairlifts would like to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day. We are big romantics and want to share how you can take your Valentine’s Day to the next level. Here are the few ideas the staff at Platinum have come up with…


    1. Mobility Aid more like Delivery Aid

    Sending flowers by courier would be the obvious choice these days, but just think of the risk of not being in and having to collect them from the post office; it’s just not worth it. The simple solution would be to place the flowers on the chair and ensure the chair is at the opposite end of the rail to the floor your loved one is currently on. Then just play the waiting game for them to use the remote. We can’t think of a better delivery system than a Platinum Stairlift. Once the user is ready, the flowers will be delivered in the smoothest way possible.


    2. Stairlift Angel Wings

    All that is needed is two pieces of paper, a pen, scissors and sticky tape to create your very own Cupid flying up and down the stairs. Attach the wings to the back of the seat and you’re sorted thus enabling you to deliver love while using your mobility aid. If you want to fully commit to the part you can dress as Cupid, that is entirely up to you.


    Paper wings on stairlift


    3. The Fabric of Love

    Velvet is the fabric of love so why not drape some on your Ergo Chair so you can feel the romance as you use the Platinum Stairlift. Although this will be comfy, please make sure the fabric is clear from the carriage. Our mechanics don’t have the same feelings towards velvet as Platinum does.


    4. Brighten up the Bannister

    Now that you are using a Platinum Stairlift, the bannister isn’t as busy. Why not use it to your advantage? Wrap some fairy lights around the bannister or you could get the Christmas lights that are sat in a box somewhere waiting for December to shine. Christmas and Valentine’s share the same colour of love after all! As tempting as it might be, make sure you don’t wrap them around the rail. As again our mechanics of the carriage and rail don’t share the same love for Valentine’s Day as Platinum does.


    5. Tune up the Romance

    Music spreads the joy of romance better than anything. Whether you or your loved one are using the stairlift, serenade them as the stairlift is travelling. The Italian staff here at Platinum recommend some Bocelli, which makes the toughest of people weak at the knees. We’ll let you make up the words as long as it sounds like Bocelli, we certainly won’t tell anyone.


    6. Cheeky Rose Petals

    Last but certainly not least, Rose petals on the stairs are good, as long as you don’t mind cleaning up the mess afterwards. A romantic gesture that is always welcomed. Just be careful to keep them clear of the carriage.


    valentines stairlift scene


    Platinum Stairlifts don’t just take your life to the next level, we also want to help you take romance to the next level. Trying it out for yourself? Share with us through Facebook, Twitter or email.