• Monklands Women’s Aid

    At Platinum Stairlifts we pride ourselves in ensuring mobility issues don’t affect the freedom to enjoy life. Our mission is to show that a stairlift is only a sit down escalator: after all, getting a stairlift is only the beginning of a new and exciting life. These new and exciting lives can come from all sorts of situations, in such situation in a women’s charity in Scotland.


    Mobility can have a serious impact in all aspects of life, here at Platinum Stairlifts, we know we can improve life’s within a home but what about outside? What about the need to receive vital support with other parts of users lives? To answer this we decided to donate a Platinum Curve so Monklands Women’s Aid could provide support to women who have encountered mobility issues.


    The great people at Monklands Women’s Aid are valuable in the steps for women to take life to the next level. They know how frightening and scary talking about issues can be and the fantastic thing about them is they believe, listen and understand what you have to say. Developing safety and action plans prevent further mental and physical damage for women of all ages. This is vital help that shouldn’t be missed due to mobility, since installing we have not heard from Monklands. We get that a lot as our product is very reliable. We thought it would be nice to check up on how the Platinum Curve has helped to take life’s to the next level at Monklands Women’s Aid.

    Here is the perspective of one lady who requires help from Monklands and our stairlift…

    “It was difficult and sometimes impossible to get up the stairs and I could see if far enough. The workers came to me at these times but having the stair lift adds to my independence. I use the service weekly, but the frequency can increase in the difficult moments when I need to pop in for additional support.”


    When asked what the support has helped you achieve, a truly breath taking answer came to life… “Not to be dramatic but it’s quite simply saved my life, without Monklands Women’s Aid I truly believe that I’d be dead.” She continues with confidence and passion, that really shows how vital Monklands Women’s Aid means to her. “Since I’ve been getting support my life has totally turned around, I feel free. I still have challenges but they are manageable and I know that if I need it Monklands Women’s Aid is there to support me in what I want to achieve.”


    From just them three quotes it becomes clear on how the support of Monklands Women’s Aid is vital to life. We are proud to have ensure mobility isn’t the reason for this help isn’t missed. Not only do they take life to the next level but they save lives. A stairlift is more than just a product to Platinum and our users because of feedback like this.