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  • How much do stairlifts cost?

    As stairlifts are custom built to fit each individual staircase, the price will vary from home to home. The model of stairlift you choose will affect the price – as a rule of thumb, a stairlift for a straight staircase will be cheaper than a curved staircase, as the manufacturing process for curved rails is more complex.
    Platinum Stairlifts offer competitively priced models for both curved and straight stairs – the Curve and the Horizon. In addition to new lifts, Platinum also manufacture a range of reconditioned curved stairlifts, which can significantly reduce the cost if your staircase has a number of twists and turns.

  • How long does a stairlift take to install?

    A straight stairlift will be fitted in 1-2 hours, with a curved one taking slightly longer. Platinum Stairlift installers are experienced professionals who will fit your lift with minimal disruption and will clean up after the stairlift is in place.  After installation, the fitter will demonstrate all the features of the lift and ensure you are comfortable using it before they leave.

  • What happens if there is a powercut?

    Most stairlifts run from a battery, so are unaffected by temporary power cuts. Your Platinum stairlift battery will automatically charge from the mains when not in use and in the event of a power cut, will have enough power for a further 6-8 trips.

  • What if my stairlift breaks down?

    Platinum stairlifts are very reliable and rarely break down. However, in the event of a breakdown, a specialist engineer from the company which supplied the lift will be able to come out to you and quickly fix the problem.

  • How much electricity does a Platinum stairlift use? Is it expensive?

    Stairlifts are extremely energy efficient and Platinum stairlifts only use the equivalent energy of boiling a kettle.

  • What is the weight limit on a stairlift?

    Weight limits depend on the make and model of lift. The average model can accommodate up to around 19st (120kg). The maximum weight limit for a Platinum Horizon straight lift is 22st (140kg) and the Platinum Curve has a weight limit of up to 25st (160kg).

  • How much noise will my stairlift make?

    Stairlifts are mains powered and very quiet. You will even be able to use your stair lift at night without the fear of disturbing other people in the house or your neighbours.

  • What happens if something gets in the way of the stair lift as it is moving?

    What happens if something gets in the way of the stair lift as it is moving? Your stairlift will be fitted with a safety sensor which can detect objects blocking the stairs – even pets and grandchildren! If the sensor detects an obstruction, it will automatically stop the lift until the path is clear.

  • Can I choose the colour of my stairlift?

    Platinum offers a choice of upholstery to complement your decor. Curve rails can even be upgraded to be painted in a choice of colours. These are options which can be discussed at the the time of your quote.

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    “I didn’t know anything about the type of stairlift I needed, so I gave Platinum a call and they soon sorted me out. I’m now the proud owner of a Curve and getting around the house has never been easier.”

    – Mrs Booth, Salford


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