• Easter Miracle for a 90 Year Old Sister

    Carmelite Missionary Sisters Of St Therese

    Platinum recently had a hand in a little Easter magic, in collaboration with their Canadian distributor, Home Stairlift Rentals & Sales.

    Home Stairlift, headed up by Gord Molnar, was approached by the Carmelite Missionary Sisters Of St Therese convent for their help in a special project. One of their sisters had not left her second floor room in the convent for over 2 years due to mobility problems. Her colleagues wanted to surprise her on her 90th birthday, which just happened to coincide with Easter Monday! Home Stairlift was only too happy to help but with the Easter break looming, it would take more then just prayers to get the lift manufactured, shipped and installed before the big day.

    With no time to spare, Home Stairlift measured the stairs and sent the survey details over to Platinum Stairlifts in the UK. Platinum’s CAD department produced the drawings, which were approved in record time. Platinum’s production department was on high alert, conscious that the Curve rail and carriage had to leave the UK on the Thursday before the Easter weekend. The stairlift landed in Canada on Good Friday and was installed at 9am on Saturday morning by the Home Stairlift team.

    It was only through the coordinated efforts of Home Stairlift Rentals & Sales and Platinum Stairlifts that this Easter miracle could be performed – no bunnies were harmed and no chocolate eggs were broken!

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