ERGO Space Seat

The compact ERGO Space seat is designed for Curve stairlifts on narrow staircases, where space is at a premium.

The ERGO Space seat wraps around the user’s body, positioning the back just 50mm from the wall – that’s 60mm closer to the wall than on the regular ERGO! This reduces any potential overhang of the feet or knees and essential space is reclaimed.

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    1. ERGO Space
      Shorter, curved backrest
      Positions user closer to the wall
      Can save up to 60mm on narrow staircases or 85mm when combined with ERGO Plus pad.

    Not only does the ERGO Space backrest curve around the user’s body, it is also shorter than the standard ERGO, eliminating any clash with the user’s shoulder blades.

    In some situations, a user with short legs may find it difficult to flex the knee over the edge of the chair. This can result in the leg being unable to reach the footplate.

    The specially designed ERGO Plus pad features a contoured edge. This allows the user’s upper legs to angle down and rest the feet on the footplate. Adopting this more natural and secure seating position can save 25mm.

    Space with Plus Pad

    “I live in a terraced house with a very narrow staircase, so I didn’t think I could have a stairlift. Thanks to Platinum’s ERGO Space seat, I can! ”